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Timeline of Allied Construction Associates (McCabes Building)

National Landmark: McCabe Building (also known as U.S. Block)
3120 Hewitt Ave., Everett, WA 98201
Designer: Frederick A. Sexton. The McCabe building was an
investment of W.G. Swalwell in partnership with Melvin Swartout.

July 4th, 1892
First photo of 3120 Hewitt Ave. The citizens used the foundation of the building for their July 4th celebration. (This is looking East at what is now the side of the building from Chestnut St.
To the right is Hewitt Ave.)

Bldg finished in October 1892 and in this 1893 photo it was occupied by U.S. Clothing Co. (View from the east looking west up Hewitt. Notice the Tower Bldg east of McCabes.)

McCabes housed 2 businesses- 3120 and 3122 Hewitt.
Maud Buckles - Dressmaker and O.A. Phelps and Son Undertakers.

Linecut drawing around time of building completion 1892.

Castle Bar
Owner Gus Kassionas, he is pictured at the bar.
The family lived on the top floor.

Castle Bar
The East side of the bar was the restaurant. In the photo is Gus' wife and her close friend.




2011 before the remodel




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